Aldi Bags, Insulated and Paper

Aldi bags come in a variety of prices and sizes, with the old reliable plastic, insulated bag remaining at less than $1. Any form of bags at aldi is pretty much a great deal, and they mostly hold up to repeated shopping trips pretty well. There is new aldi bags coming and going fairly often, from the 2022 boxed bags that are insulated for around $6 to the $.7 or $.10 cent paper bags that you can find in the checkout aisles. Aldi bags that last are even more important than at other groceries like Trader Joe’s since you have to bring your own bags and bag your items after checkout. ………….

  • From .7 cent paper bags to $8 insulated large bags
  • Always a pretty good value
  • Handles can sometimes break on .98 cent plastic bags but generally withstand a lot of weight

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Reusable bags at Aldi

Aldi bags usually sit in the top part of my shopping cart while I shop, and then I transfer them to the new cart after checkout to pull over to the loading counter and fill them up. What is everyone’s favorite aldi bag they’ve bought?! Have there been any fun designs or colors that you wish still existed? I’m curious to know if anyone has a go to reusable grocery bag they use from other stores while at Aldi that works perfectly. I like to use those reusable Target bags made from an odd stretchy fabric that seem to hold up really, really well. And if you can’t make it out to Aldis, give these items a try…..

Wiselife Reusable Grocery Bags at Amazon

Ikea Bags, Amazon

Price: Varies from $.7 cents to around $8

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