Aldi Red Bag Chicken, Kirkwood All Natural

This Aldi red bag chicken has been a staple in the frozen section for years, and remains a solid value despite the recent Aldi price increases. For under $3/lb you get individually frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts that can be defrosted or cooked from frozen to make pretty much any chicken dish you want. Aldi red bag chicken is a go to for me when I want to have lean protein in the freezer and don’t have any fresh meat to cook. These kirkwood chicken breasts are also great if you want to meal prep and make a bunch of chicken all at once for the week!…….…….

  • Frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Net Weight: 3 pounds
  • 110 calories per serving
  • Product of USA

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Kirkwood Aldi Red Bag Chicken at Aldi

There are so many good chicken deals at Aldi that it can be hard to spot the Kirkwood red bag chicken in the freezer aisle, but I almost always have a bag of these chicken breasts in my freezer at home. How does everyone like to defrost or cook these Aldi chicken breasts? If anyone has a go to recipe that they use these chicken breasts in, let us know! Occasionally the regular, not frozen Aldi chicken breasts will be around $1.79/lb or something less than these, but for convenience, these chicken breasts can’t be beat. And if you can’t make it out to Aldis, give these items a try…..

Traeger Chicken Rub Seasoning

Famous Dave’s Seasoning

Price: $8.99 ($3/pound)

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