Aldi Beer, Lagers & IPAs

Aldi Beer comes in a variety of options, from IPAs to German beers to Mexican style lagers. The in house Aldi beer brands vary, but nearly all of them are a fantastic value compared to the name brand beers that they generally copy. The Aldi Corona imitation is one of the better Aldis beer selections, and at any given time you can find interesting and cheap Aldis beer. They generally are sold near the frozen section or at the front of the store near the registers, and are sitting on the shelves not refrigerated…….…….

  • Lots of beer selection from IPAs to lagers to Hefeweizen
  • Usually found near frozen section or at the front of store
  • Comes unrefrigerated
  • During the holidays Aldi Beer Advent Calendars are sold

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Beer at Aldi

There have been so many good Aldi beer varieties over the years, but I’ve found that even the ones that aren’t amazing tasting are still a solid value and drinkable. What is everyone’s favorite type?! If anyone has go to beers that they wish Aldi would bring back, I’d love to hear about that also! If anyone has a really good tip on what beers to buy and when at Aldi, let us know! And if you can’t make it out to Aldis, give these items a try…..

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Frosty Beer holders

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