Aldi Shopping Cart, How to Use with Quarter

The Aldi shopping cart can be a hard thing to figure out if you’ve never done it before! It seems crazy that simply using an Aldi shopping cart is something that’s confusing, but once you’ve done it once, it’s super easy. Unload your items onto the checkout belt. The Aldi employee will then rapidly start scanning all your items (the company times them) and throwing them in the cart they had sitting next to them already (not the one you used to shop). Once they’re done and you’ve paid, they’ll push the cart full of your paid items to the side, allowing you to give them your now empty cart for the next person. Then simply take your full cart and go to the bench/ledge in front of you and bag your items (don’t forget reusable bags!) Of course, just to get the shopping cart originally takes some figuring out. Here are the step by step instructions for using Aldi shopping carts, with pictures at the end of this post to help you………….

  • Find the little box attached to the last cart in line.
  • Insert a quarter into the slot, which now lets you push the cord in the back of the box to unhinge the cart
  • Sounds sort of intimidating but is super easy
  • When you return the cart, push it into another cart, and use the cord to push the quarter out of the slot
  • Bring a quarter, but you’ll get it back at the end

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How to use Aldi Shopping Carts

I think Aldi makes you bring a quarter that you then get back at the end of your trip to make sure everyone returns their shopping cart to the carousel at the end. This way they don’t have to employ anyone to constantly bring back the carts from the parking lot like most groceries. Sometimes when you’re walking up to the cart carousel just outside the entrance, someone will offer you their cart on the way out. Just give them your quarter and voila, you have a cart without having to mess with the little red box attached to the cart! And if you can’t make it out to Aldis, give these items a try…..

Wiselife Reusable Shopping Bags

Price: $.25 cents (that you get back at end of trip)

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