Aldi Salmon, Atlantic Cedar Plank

This Aldi salmon comes in a variety of forms, but the Atlantic salmon is always a good deal at under $10/lb, either with or without the cedar plank. Salmon from Aldi is not always wild caught depending on the time of season and the type of salmon, but it’s always a good value, even with the recent Aldi price increases in 2022. The Aldis salmon portions are typically sold in slices of around a pound, which make it perfect for a single meal…….…….

  • Fresh never frozen
  • Cedar Plank
  • Net Weight: usually around 16 ounces
  • Atlantic salmon, product of Chile

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Fresh Atlantic Salmon at Aldi

Aldi salmon comes in a variety of forms, including smoked salmon, marinated salmon and sometimes frozen salmon. I love getting salmon at Aldis since it’s generally pretty fresh, sealed in portions of around a pound, and usually lasts until around the best by date. What is everyone’s favorite type of salmon to buy at Aldi? If anyone has a really delicious Aldi’s salmon recipe, let us know! Be careful with overcooking this salmon on the grill, since even on the cedar plank it’s really, really easy to make it so it’s well past the ideal cook temp! And if you can’t make it out to Aldis, give these items a try…..

Alaska Smoked Salmon, 3 pack

Epic Smoked Salmon Strips Jerky

Price: $9.99/lb

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